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Renewable energy is a kind of energy obtained from natural resources.These natural resources are called renewable energy resources. These renewable energy resources do not run out like nonrenewable resources but keep on recycling in the environment. We have a lot of naturally occurring energy resources such as solar energy,wind,rain,tides,geothermal energy etc. The renewable resources though have opposing views but their advantages cannot be overlooked.
Opposing Views
The problem of harnessing renewable energy sources has been the cause of the major debate about the reliance of future energy sources. The two articles considered for the debate are from a difference of 10 years which also presents the changing viewpoint of the governing bodies and other people over the period of time. The article criticizing the renewable source of energy was dated 1997 and the main claim was that they are not economical and are a burden to society because of their fewer outcomes as compared to huge cost. On the contrary, the article dated 2007 was emphasizing on the increased use of renewable sources of energy which is done for tackling the future energy problem. The renewable resources are costly, and possess lower efficiency, apart from these there are several other disadvantages also.
The high cost is the major obstacle in the path of solar power production. The installation of solar panels is highly expensive. During the time of recession it is not easy for the government of any country to invest it the production of solar energy on a large scale.
Since the solar panel can covert only the 22% of solar energy into electrical energy. Therefore it needs more surface area to produce more electricity. This is another disadvantage as due to increasing population we do not have so much for such plans.
Scientists are still doing research how to store the solar electrical energy. However, they have developed some batteries but these are very heavy and costly.
The solar production decreases during the winters. Since it depends on the sun light so it does not takes place in the night. This is also a negative point against solar energy resources
My Opinion:
Though the above presented views are correct and logical but still these resources have so many advantages like it utilizes the solar energy, prevents global warming.
The energy obtained from the sun is called solar energy. There is no need to mention the importance of solar energy as we all know that the whole universe survives only because of this energy. All the other naturally occurring energy resources depends on the sun and its solar energy. The food,light,oxygeni.e. the basic needs of each and every living being depends on the solar energy.
Now a days solar energy has emerged as a ray of hope to satisfy the increasing demand light, heatetc. Due to the increase in population when all the energy resources like fuel, electricity etc are decreasing, the solar energy is being used as a renewable source of energy to overcome this problem. It has so many advantages:
Renewable resource prevents global warming,unlike the burning of fossil fuels solar power do not emits harmful gases like carbondioxide,carbon monoxides etc.
The photo voltaic cells are composed of a number of solar cells which generates electric power from solar radiations. This reduces the need of water for production of electricity. Solar charged vehicles has come as revolution in transportation. The PV cells used in these vehicles have replaced the need of petrol and diesel.
The solar homes are based on the passive solar designs and i.e. why the owners of solar houses lower utility bills. Using the passive solar designs these home are constructed in such a way that the floors and the roofs traps the solar radiations coming from the windows. This trapped energy later use to heat water, generate electricity etc.
Rural electrification is another advantage as in villages where the electricity is not available people use to burn lanterns and pay for the kerosene. After the invention of solar lanterns the villager now has overcome the problem of light resources and got rid of paying for the kerosene. In many villages of the world solar power stations have been established to provide electricity.
Devices based on solar energy: there are many devices such as calculators, emergency telephones; traffic signs etc. are based on solar energy utilizes the solar radiation.
CONCLUSION: After having a long debate on the solar energy as a renewable resource we can conclude that it is an excellent source of energy which can be utilized in different ways to satisfy the world’s needs. As it does not requiremaintenance, pollution free and renewable, it is very advantageous. On the other hand, due to its high cost, low efficiency, it is not easy to practice its production. In some areas of the world where solar energy is not available like the polar areas it cannot be produced. So though it is a useful resource yet have some limitations.
In this essay the two opposite sides of the renewable resources have been presented. Though they are very efficient and required today as the other no renewable resources are diminishing but still it is not easy to utilize renewable resources as their use is very expensive and have a lot of limitations. Here the opinion is presented through the articles which say that these resources are very much expensive; on the contrary my view is that still they have so many disadvantages that cannot be overlooked.
Annotated Bibliography
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Annotation: In this article the author has tried to present the other side of the renewable resources by criticizing it from the economical point of view which suggests that the use of these resources will create an economic burden on the government and the society as well.
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Annotation: In this article, it has been suggested that the renewable resources will be required for future use as the present nonrenewable resources are diminishing. It has presented the advantages of the renewable resources which can be utilized to fulfill the demands of the society.